Exoconscious Human Bill of Rights



We Exoconscious Humans confirm the Extraterrestrial Presence on Earth. This confirmation is the result of accumulated information from seven decades of Ufology research on craft sightings, landings, and contactees experiences. This information was gleaned from historical, eye-witness, scientific sources, and independent research. Extraterrestrial research is on-going, but now re-contextualized with confirmation of Extraterrestrial Presence.

We confirm the Field of Cosmic Consciousness in which humans and extraterrestrials share information and energy. We define humans who experience this shared cosmic consciousness as Exoconscious. These humans are aware of, working with, and living through the extraterrestrial origins, dimensions and abilities of their human consciousness.  

We declare that Exoconscious humans have the following rights and freedoms by virtue of confirmation of the Extraterrestrial Presence and the shared human-extraterrestrial field of Cosmic Consciousness which is Exoconsciousness.


Exoconscious Bill of Rights

  1. Exoconscious Humans have a right to live in multidimensional consciousness, free of the confines and control of limited brain-centered mind and artificial mind-control technologies.

  2. Exoconscious Humans have a right to stand independently in the wisdom of their personal extraterrestrial experience—free of isolation, denial, and diagnosis by experts and institutions void of Exoconscious experience.

  3. Exoconscious Humans have a right to create a new language that expresses extraterrestrial contact.

  4. Exoconscious Humans have a right to create new historical timelines, free of ancient prophecies, stories, sources, and systems.

  5. Exoconscious Humans have a right to be healthy and creative—free of violence, trauma and fear that once defined ET contact.

  6. Exoconscious Humans have a right to access all Earth and Cosmic knowledge in order to explore their extraterrestrial origins and connections.

  7. Exoconscious Humans have a right to use and advance all of their psychic abilities in a spirit of love, kindness, and peace.

  8. Exoconscious humans have the right to freedom from algorithmic, game-theory based artificial intelligence manipulation and communication. Any such manipulation and communication must be clearly identified and labeled as such by corporations, military, and government. We have the right to ignore and dismiss any and all AI communication. We have the right to refuse participation in artificial reality.

  9. Exoconscious Humans have the right to share their ET contact and communication experiences openly and honestly, as a primary source of Ufology information.

  10. Exoconscious Humans have the right to nourish, perpetuate, and develop a culture of human consciousness, connecting and communicating with Extraterrestrials— free from an artificial intelligence reality of manipulation, violence, and confusion.

  11. Exoconscious Humans have a right to Information regarding their Taxation. We have a right to request and be promptly provided information on any and all government programs funded by our taxes. We have a right to free research to obtain information on government programs funded by taxes.

  12. Exoconscious Humans have a right to receive support, respect, and compassion from other ET experiencers.

  13. Exoconscious Humans have a right to join the emerging community of citizens who live the paranormal as normal—Exoconscious, Near Death Experiencers, psychics, mediums, healers, and spiritual.

  14. Exoconscious Humans have a right to live holistic, healthy, and integrated lives of public happiness, sharing the field of cosmic consciousness with extraterrestrials.