About Exoconsciousness:  

Origins, History and Cultural Context

Formal Definition:

Exoconsciousness is the study of the Extraterrestrial origins, dimensions, and abilities of human consciousness. It theorizes that humans possess an innate ability to connect and communicate with ET via their consciousness and posits ET Experiencers as a primary source of ET UFO information.

History of Exoconsciousness

In 2005, the concept of Exoconsciousness emerged through the writings of Rebecca Hardcastle Wright. Rebecca received the word Exoconsciousness via ET communication.

After decades of researching consciousness, UFOs, and alternative history, combined with a lifetime of ET contact, one memorable morning, the word Exoconsciousness came into me, literally, as an ET transmission.

Exoconsciousness signals an important shift in our ET worldview. It diverges from over 70 years of UFO research (Ufology, MUFON, Exopolitics) sourced in government, military, and intelligence. As an alternative, Exoconsciousness, is sourced in ET Experiencers. By its definition and nature, Exoconsciousness is a grassroots concept.

The individual and their creative collaboration with ET is the foundation of Exoconsciousness.

While many ET Experiencers awakened through CE5 groups and witnessing UFOs, the Exoconscious community shifts the emphasis from ETs and UFOs to Humans. Instead of focusing on ET or UFO “out there,” we focus on human conscious awareness and integration of ET experience.

In 2016, The Institute for Exoconsciousness formed an international Mastermind of ET Experiencers who were actively engaged in ET contact and communication. The Mastermind group developed into the Board of Directors for the Institute for Exoconsciousness, an education non-profit, offering online courses and certifications for ET Experiencers.

The Mastermind also created the Center for Exoconscious, a planetary network of ET Experiencer groups to strengthen contactees and share their information for harmonic sustainability and peaceful advancement of life.  We become members of a cosmic community and learn to work in harmony with other ET beings, some unlike ourselves. We experience how ETs can be in service to humanity and humanity can be in service to ETs.

Present: Exoconscious Human

 lloyd canning

lloyd canning


It is important to distinguish Exoconsciousness within the field of Ufology as well as Transhuman trends in culture.

For 70 years, Ufology defined UFOs as “unidentified flying objects” appearing and disappearing in the skies; beyond us as mere humans. Ufology examined the material science of recovered craft and beings. Government, military, and intelligence transferred UFO ET information into secret select programs that weaponized the information into advanced technology. The result is a “Star Wars” worldview of high tech weaponry, compartmentalized programs, and ongoing ex-military whistleblower information that is either fabricated propaganda or truthful witnessing, or a combination of both. 

Within Exopolitics, and the work of Michael Salla, humans began to perceive themselves as Ambassadors. ET Experiencers often distinguished themselves as Ambassadors to specific races of Star Beings. They are select persons, communicating on behalf of specific races.

From Star Wars to Ambassadors to Birthright

In comparison, Exoconscious Humans acknowledge their innate ability to connect and communicate with multiple ET beings and races. Exoconscious access information and experience through our extraterrestrial “birthright.” Suddenly, we understand who we are, where we are sourced, what we are to be about, and how we create a peaceful, evolved society. As an ET birthright, all humans have the potential to become Exoconscious.

Exoconsciousness theorizes that the relationship between ETs and Humans is consciousness. The Exoconscious Community affirms that consciousness is within the human brain-body as well as the field of consciousness that humans and ET access.

How do I become Exoconscious?

Gradually and organically, Exoconsciousness emerges via information and wisdom gained through ET contact that integrates into our body, mind, and spirit. Exoconsciousness is lived meaning derived from ET experience that often includes healing trauma, psychic-spiritual integration and creating a healthy life open to a vast universe of ET.

Through ET Experience, humans become Exoconscious—aware and integrated as an ET. I am Exoconscious means that I acknowledge that I am ET.

I am ET means that, as a human, I am a member of a planetary species, who is able to connect and communicate with other beings in other planets and dimensions.

Importantly, Exoconscious Humans, individually and in community, peacefully co-create in a transparent, awakened, and harmonic shared consciousness.

Are Exoconscious Humans different from artificial intelligent Transhumans?



As peaceful beings, Exoconscious Humans differ from Transhuman artificial machine intelligence.  Transhumans are silicon-based algorithms. Exoconscious are naturally embodied intuitives. Transhumans are machine engineered. Exoconscious are living creative consciousness. Transhumans are weaponized machines. Exoconscious are peaceful co-creators.

As Exoconscious Humans, our most valuable resource is our consciousness, lived through our psychic intelligence and abilities. Our psychic intelligence and abilities are limitless, continually accessing and integrating the field of consciousness. Through Exoconsciousness, the human species is sustained and strengthened through ET contact, communication, and shared co-creation.